Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Petar Cobankovic, leaders of the Croatian Forests and Director of company “Hittner” Stephen Hittner signed on 12th Livestock international, economic and craft fair in Gudovac near Bjelovar contract on the production of 20 forest articulated tractor, worth ten million kunas.

The company will produce for the Forest eight major forest articulated tractor 72 V, and twelve small tractor 33 V.

Mentor of manufacturing sector in Croatian Forests Mladen Slunjski said that the forest tractors Hittner showed as efficient and that they have in the past three years improved properties and are much cheaper than imported.

Hittner company, since 2001. to date, produced and delivered Croatian forests more than a hundred forest articulated tractor.

CEO of Hittner, Stephen Hittner, said that their forest tractors are 80% Croatian product and about 30% cheaper than similar foreign, who were imported before. He added that his tractors received certificates and the EU that will allow the export of the European countries.

At fair was also the director of “Sarajevo forest” Nusret Curic who said that they already bought two tractors and that proved to be extremely good in the area of forest the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the act “Sarajevo forests.” He added that this year intend to buy ten forest tractors from company Hittner.